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Regent Sterile Biogel Latex Surgical Gloves (50)

  • High quality and technically advanced sterile surgical glove
  • Provides excellent barrier protection in general surgical procedures
  • Micro roughened surface provides non-slip wet gripping power
  • Provides a high level of fit, feel and comfort
  • Soothing to the skin whilst minimising moisture loss
  • Beaded cuff for added security
  • Powder-free to eliminate starch powder-related complications
  • Uniquely patented Biogel coating on the inner surface allows easy donning, even when hands are damp
  • 100% physically inspected: every glove is air-inflation tested and visually inspected for quality and user confidence
  • Minimises risk of dermatitis
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  • Industry leading AQL - freedom from holes of 0.65
  • Typically contains 20μg or less of water-extractable proteins
  • Non-pyrogenic

 Warning: These products contain natural rubber latex, a component of which may cause allergic reaction in some users

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Medicinal ProductNo
Associated Products961.1-6.5 / 961.1-7.0 / 961.1-7.5 / 961.1-8.0 /
961.1-8.5 / 961.90