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Secure Wireless Patient Monitoring System

Wireless Bed Sensor Pad 12" x 30" (WBEDPAD-1)

  • The 12″ x 30″ Wireless Bed Sensor Pad is a component of the patented Secure® Wireless Patient Monitoring System.
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Advanced Features:

  • The Secure® System elevates fall management monitors by eliminating tripping hazards and relocating the alarm sound from the patient room.
  • Utilizes continuous 2.4G patented bi-directional wireless communication for secure and instantaneous component communication.


Interference Prevention:

  • The advanced communication technology minimizes interference within a facility, ensuring reliable operation.
  • Contrasted with competitive wireless 433MHz bandwidth, known for being overcrowded and prone to interference.


Quality Assurance:

  • Represents the highest quality and most cost-effective wireless fall management monitoring system available.

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