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Secure Wireless Patient Monitoring System

Wireless Chair Sensor Pad 12" x 12" (WCHAIRPAD-1)

  • 12″ x 12″ Wireless Chair Sensor Pad for Wireless Patient Monitoring System
  • Ultra-thin WireLess® chair sensor pads are antimicrobial, latex-free, incontinent proof, and can be folded for storage
  • One Year Warranty


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Additional Information -

  • Instant Wireless Transmission:

When the patient steps off the monitoring pad with the transmitter, an immediate wireless signal is sent to the monitor, eliminating delays seen in other monitors.

  • Battery Conservation:

The monitor responds by sending a confirmation signal to the transmitter, prompting it to stop transmitting and conserving battery life.

  • Automatic Reset:

The monitor is designed to automatically reset when the patient returns to the bed or chair sensor pad. Manual reset is also possible via the front-panel reset button.

  • Nurse Call System Integration:

Optional Nurse Call Cable accessory (NCI-1) allows connection to a standard nurse call system.

  • Alarm Management: 

In nurse call system mode, the monitor's alarm sound can be toggled on or off to control in-room noise.

  • Safety Alert:

The monitor activates the nurse call system to alert the nurses' station of unsafe patient egress.

  • Regular Synchronization:

During standby, the monitor and transmitter communicate every 5 minutes to confirm synchronization.

  • System Status Indication:

If the monitor and transmitter become unpaired, the 3rd LED light on the monitor flashes continuously, accompanied by a continuous alarm, signaling a malfunction.

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