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Secure Wireless Patient Monitoring System

Caregiver Complete Wireless Patient Monitor Chair Set

  • Wireless Patient Monitor Chair Set
  • Requires no wires from sensor pad to alarm monitor
  • Motion Sensor - instantly alerts caregiver if patient leaves bed or chair

Composition of Kit:

  • Wireless Alarm Monitor with Holder - (Code: WAM-1)
  • Removable Wireless Alarm Transmitter - (Code: WAT-1)
  • Wireless Chair Pad 12" x 12" - (Code: WCHAIRPAD-1)
  • - Metal connecting pin will not break
  • - Pads are antimicrobial & non-skin sensitive
  • - Pads can be folded without damaging pad
  • - Pads are incontinent-proof
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Additional Information -

Wireless Patient Monitor Chair Set Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Set-Up 
  • - Mount the alarm monitor away from the patient or resident in a variety of locations to maximise safety, eliminate tripping hazards, and reduce the “nuisance alarms” that are so prevalent in healthcare facilities today
  • - Monitor may be mounted or placed outside of patient room up to 150 ft. away from the transmitter for a quieter in-room environment.
  • Reduce “Alarm Fatigue”
  • -  Alarm monitor can be mounted with wall mount (included) next to and connected to a facility’s existing nurse call system with alarm monitor sound set to mute, eliminating in-room alarm sound and alerting the nurse’s station when unsafe ambulation occurs (requires optional NCI-1 Nurse Call Interface Cable).  
  • Wireless Bi-Directional Technology (patented)
  • - When triggered, the transmitter instantly sends wireless signal to alarm monitor
  • - The alarm monitor then sends a confirmation signal to the transmitter to stop the transmitter signal, effectively conserving battery life.
  • Multiple Applications 
  • - Can be paired with all Caregiver bed/chair/toilet sensor pads, floor mats, and alarming wheelchair seat belt
  • - Simply insert the transmitter in AMH-1 holder and connect to any of the aforementioned monitoring pads, mats and seat belt
  • - Make the switch to Wireless without having to purchase new sensor pads!
  • Auto Reset 
  • - Alarm monitor automatically resets once the patient gets back on the bed/chair sensor pad
  • - Alternatively, the monitor can be reset by pressing the reset button located on the front of the monitor
  • - When using a floor mat sensor, the monitor will continue to alarm until the reset button is pressed.
  • Secure Connection
  • - Alarm monitor and transmitter communicate every 5 minutes to confirm both remain safely synced
  • - If the monitor and transmitter become unpaired the alarm monitor light will flash and the alarm will sound continuously indicating the system is not functioning properly.
  • Low Battery Indicators 
  • - Both alarm monitor and transmitter feature low battery indicators which alert staff and caregivers when new batteries must be installed
  • - Batteries are included with both the alarm monitor and transmitter.
  • Wireless Sensor Pads 
  • - Ultra-thin Wireless bed & chair sensor pads are antimicrobial, latex-free, incontinent proof, and can be folded for storage. 
  • Removable Wireless Transmitter
  • - Removable Wireless Transmitter can be removed and interchanged with Wireless Bed or Chair Pad
  • AA batteries included
  • All components are covered by a one year warranty against defects and workmanship

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