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Stand Aid Sling in Poly with Loops & Back Support

  • Provides complete support for the patient, and peace of mind for the carer, this product is padded providing extra comfort throughout
  • The design provides sternness in the spinal area, for those patients with individual needs


  • Small: > 220kg / 35 stone
  • Medium: > 220kg / 35 stone
  • Large: > 220kg / 35 stone
  • Extra Large: > 220kg / 35 stone
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Additional Information -

  Universal Sling Toileting Sling In-Situ/ Hammock Sling Stand Aid Belt with Back Support
Size S, M, L S, M, L S, M, L S, M, L
Optional Extras
Extra Large Size
Mesh Body X X X
Spacer Body X Standard X
Parasilk Body X X X
Head Section X X
Chest Band Buckle * X
Parasilk Legs X X
Clip X
Product Code Small 42001MG 43001MG 44001MG 45001MG
Medium 42002MG 43002MG 44002MG 45002MG
Large 42003MG 43003MG 44004MG 45003MG
X Large 42004MG 43004MG 44004MG 45004MG

Product Codes -

More Information
Medicinal ProductNo
Associated Products45001MG-SINGLE / 45002MG-SINGLE / 45003MG-SINGLE /


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