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Caregiver Wireless Patient Monitoring System with Heavy Duty Falls Mat

Reduce Falls, Reduce Infections, Reduce Costs
The perfect Wireless Patient Alert Solution for at-home caregivers and small health care facilities
Remotely monitor fall risk patients and prevent dangerous patient falls and wandering
Fall Alarm Monitor & Pager Alert w/Universal Nurse Call Button  Caregiver Pager  Heavy Duty Fall Mat

 Caregiver Fall Alarm Monitor with Universal Nurse Call Button

 Caregiver Pager  Heavy Duty Fall Mat
  • Heavy Duty Falls Mat alerts caregiver if patient steps on it in attempt to leave bed or room or falls on mat 
  • Bed / Chair Sensor Pads alerts caregiver if patient leaves bed or chair
  • Caregiver Pager can be set to Floor Mat Mode (Stepping on) or Chair/Bed Pad Mode (Leaving)

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Caregiver Alert Fall Alarm Monitor with Universal Nurse Call Button
Caregiver Wireless Patient Monitoring System with Heavy Duty Falls Mat

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    Additional Information -

    • The perfect Wireless Patient Alert Solution for at-home caregivers and health care facilities
    • Up to four monitoring components will easily pair with the Caregiver Pager, and a unique alert sound can be set for each of the connected monitoring components
    • Monitoring distance up to 500 ft. in an open area
    • The Alarm Monitor also works as a standalone fall alarm monitor
    • When the Pager is in pairing mode, the alarm monitor is activated by pressing down on the connected sensor pad or floor mat to pair with the Pager
    • Alternatively, the connected Universal Nurse Call Button may be pressed to pair the alarm monitor with the pager

    Universal Nurse Call Button can only be used only when the Wireless Caregiver Pager (Model No. CAS-PGR) is paired with the Fall Alarm Monitor

    Fall Alarm Monitor & Pager Alert with Universal Nurse Call Button

    • Ideal for alerting Wireless Caregiver Pager and working in conjunction with other Caregiver Alert System components
    • The Caregiver Fall Alarm Monitor features adjustable volume & tone, ultra-bright flashing alert light, wireless connectivity to Caregiver Pager (wireless connection on/off feature helps preserve battery when pager is not in use), corded connectivity to the universal nurse call button, and in-room alarm sound off (pager alerted only)
    • The Fall Alarm Monitor connects to the bed/chair pad, floor mat sensor, alarming seat belt, or toilet seat sensor
    • Included corded universal nurse call button plugs into the bottom of Fall Alarm Monitor and is placed next to the patient so they are able to signal the Caregiver Pager whenever help is needed

    Caregiver Wireless Pager

    • The Wireless Caregiver Pager (sold separately) can be attached to the caregiver’s waistband using the integrated belt clip, carried in pocket, or placed nearby for continuous patient monitoring
    • The Wireless Caregiver Pager features multiple alarm/melody tones and three alert options: 
    • - Alarm Only
    • - Vibrate Only
    • - Alarm & Vibrate
    • Caregiver pager features LED zone indicators for up to four paired Caregiver Alert System components.
    • Wireless Caregiver Pager operating range is approximately 500 ft. in an open area (walls and other obstacles may decrease operating distance)
    • The monitor includes protective holder with hook and loop attachment strap and pre-drilled holes for wall mounting
    • Batteries included with all Caregiver Alert System components
    • One year warranty
    Heavy Duty Fall Mat
    • The Heavy Duty Fall Mat provides a distinguished cushioned feel
    • Simple 'plug-and-play' system allows quick and easy setup 
    • Just place at the bedside or doorway to proactively give the care giver advanced warning of any patient at risk of falling, if they attempt to leave their bed or wander from their room
    • When the patient stands on the mat it will activate the nurse call system prompting the care giver to ascertain the patient's safety.
    • Long lasting welded seals and strong wiring
    • Hygienic, antibacterial easy-clean material
    • Large size avoids chances of overstepping by the patient
    • Connect to nurse call point or stand alone alarm monitor (stand alone alarm monitor is an optional extra)
    • Dimensions: 60 x 90cm
    • Choose from 5 different 6" lead types, providing caregivers with more flexibility and choice when forming an individual 'Fall Prevention Programme' for a patient

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