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Ambu Blue Sensor ECG Electrodes - Single Use

  • A time and cost-efficient range of electrodes that delivers unmatched readings, user convenience and patient comfort
  • Workflow will not be disrupted by false alarms or time wasted resolving problems with electrode adhesion
  • Fast and reliable trace without the need for skin preparation
  • Maximum comfort for the patient
  • Fast, exact monitoring ensures a clear picture of the patients’ heartbeat that is essential to accurate diagnoses
  • X-Ray Compatibility: Non-Radiolucent


  • SU-00-C/100 - Ambu Blue Sensor SU
  • - Application: Resting
  • - Connector Type: Tab
  • - Pieces: 100
  • P-00-S/50 - Ambu Blue Sensor P Stud
  • - Application: Paediatric / Adult Monitoring
  • - Connector Type: Snap
  • - Pieces: 50
  • M-00-S/50 - Ambu Blue Sensor M Stud
  • - Application: Short Term
  • - Connector Type: Snap
  • - Pieces: 50
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Ambu Blue Sensor ECG Electrodes
  • High-quality ECG electrode with highly conductive wet gel
  • Superior adhesion - prevents false alarms
  • Comfortable foam backing
  • Special occlusive backing material ensures the electrode will not absorb liquids
  • High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor - ensures excellent trace quality 

Ambu Blue Sensor SU (Code: SU-00-C/100)

Provides optimal signal quality during 12-lead resting ECG monitoring. Ten Ambu SUPAtab ECG electrodes are packed on a single liner, so there is no need to peel off individual back material. 

Main Features

  • Highly recommended for 12 lead ECG recordings 
  • 10 x SU electrodes on a single liner

Ambu BlueSensor P (Code: P-00-S/50)

The Ambu Blue Sensor P ECG electrodes can be used on adults and children.

Main Features

  • Unique offset concept 

Ambu Blue Sensor M (Code: M-00-S/50)

The Ambu Blue Sensor M ECG electrodes are suitable for short and medium-term monitoring

Main Features

  • Unique offset connector - prevents artifact from disrupting the readouts 
  • Fast and easy to use - optimizing workflow and cost-efficiency

Product Codes -

More Information
Medicinal ProductNo
Associated ProductsSU-00-C/100 / P-00-S/50 / M-00-S/50


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