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Agrippa Wireless Digital Door Holder

  • Legally holds open fire doors in buildings where easy access is required
  • Allows business to adhere to fire regulations and avoid penalties such as fines, closure etc
  • People can movely freely around the building without restriction
  • Digital technology ‘learns’ the sound of the fire alarm and releases the door in the event of a fire 
  • Holds fire doors open for ease of access, releasing them in event of fire
  • False activations virtually eliminated
  • Installed in minutes 
  • Ideal for use in care homes, hotels and other public buildings
  • Also available with chain for use where holder does not reach wall and needs an extension
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Additional Information +

  • Digital, acoustically triggered, magnetic door holder
  • CE marked under the CPD for up to power size 5 doors
  • 2 x 'C' cell batteries, providing at least 12 months life
  • Battery life indication and low battery warning
  • Hidden from view behind door which minimises accidental damage
  • Can be programmed for regular daily timed releases
  • Attractive, modern design suits any door
  • Less chance for warped doors due to its location. Less maintenance requires on Fiire doors as they are maintained in the same position for long periods of time
  • Extremely strong holding force (200N)
  • Will not damage floor surfaces as it attached to the wall behind the door
  • There is an option for a floor mounted bracket.
  • The Agrippa Door Closer is intelligent and learns the sound of a fire alarm. This results in less unplanned door releases 
  • Default setting for approx 65dB(A) - volume of a typical sounder 
  • Approved to EN1155 and CE marked under the CPR

Other Benefits

  • Compliance with fire regulations thus avoiding penalties such as fines, closure of business etc
  • Makes buildings safer environments for everyone
  • - preventing the spread of fire
  • - reducing injuries from fire doors
  • - providing independence for those with hearing loss
  • - makes evacuations quicker
  • Provides better ventilation
  • - by allowing fresh air into the building eliminating stuffy rooms
  • - giving a more relaxing atmosphere and a healthy environment
  •  Holds fire doors open safely and legally, which means
  • - easier access for everyone
  • - freedom of movement
  • - a more open and welcoming environment