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Wireless Deluxe 90 Floorgard with Wireless Jack - Intercall/ Eclipse (Mono / Changeover) [R13-00011A]

  • Deluxe Floorguard functions like standard version but larger at 91 x 61cm
  • Robust construction, ideal for heavy traffic areas for greater longevity
  • Includes: Sensor mat monitor, mono/stereo adapter, and standard leads
  • Option connectors for use with different nurse call systems
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1 x Ramblegard Wireless Transmitter Only (Code R09-0021)

  • Universal transmitter insert appropriate for use with wireless pads and mats
  • Compatible with Ramblegard Wireless Monitor and the Protektor Care Station
  • Transmits wireless signals from Cordless bed pads, chair pads, and floor mats to Rondish monitors
  • Compatible with Protektor II wireless system
  • Programmable with four-digit patient ID
  • Fast and slow transmitter mode, adjustable with system programmer
  • 25 Metre range
  • Batteries included
  • For use with all wireless alarm mats


Ramblegard Wireless Jack Adaptor (RG5) (Code: R09-0023W1)

  • Increases the functionality of existing communication systems by allowing wireless devices to output alarms signals into a nurse call panel
  • Allows easy integration of Wireless bed and floor mat sensors for fall management, and Wireless call buttons
  • The ‘Jack’ universal adapter enables you to attach more than one item to a nurse call socket
  • You must have a call lead plugged in at all times or the unit will alarm continuously
  • This safety feature alerts staff when a call lead or any other accessory is removed
  • For use with All Nurse Call (NC) options


Ramblegard Wireless Floormat Only (Code: R09-0019)

  • Triggers alarm when pressure is released
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Care instructions printed on pad
  • Versatile and economical
  • 1 year guarantee

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