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Venturi Paediatric Mask Multi Kit with O2 Tubing

  • Paediatric Multi Mask - delivers 24 to 60% oxygen
  • Kit includes a range of Venturi valves, providing precise oxygen delivery options for optimal care
  • Colour coded valves with marking:
  • Blue - 24%
  • White - 28%
  • Yellow - 35%
  • Red - 40%
  • Green - 60%
  • A complete kit comprised of five valves, Paediatric Intersurgical EcoLite™ aerosol mask, oxygen tube and humidification cup
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Additional Information -

Comfort for the Patient

  • Improved patient comfort has been key to the development of the Intersurgical EcoLite™ mask
  • The latest manufacturing technology has enabled us to combine two non-PVC materials in the same product:
  • - Polypropylene material forming the body of the Intersurgical EcoLite mask is clear, lightweight and rigid enough to maintain the shape of the mask
  • - Softer TPE material is utilised in the seal, which is in contact with the patient's face


Other Benefits

  • World lightest and most comfortable face mask
  • Soft incurved nose seal eliminates nose clip and prevents oxygen from entering eyes
  • Unique construction equalises the pressure on the nose and conforms to a wide range of face shapes
  • Flexible panels allow the mask to expand sideways to accommodate wider faces
  • Soft chin seal
  • - For smaller faces, the lower seal is positioned under the chin
  • - For larger faces the lower seal is positioned on the chin
  • The flow through the mask is designed to flush exhaled gas and minimise CO2 rebreathing
  • Ideal for patients on controlled oxygen therapy


Comfort for the Environment

  • The use of PVC in medical products has been questioned and its impact on the environment
  • The utilisation of alternative materials has resulted in the elimination of PVC from the Intersurgical EcoLite™ mask, reducing the environmental impact

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