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UA-767S-W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Atrial Fibrillation Screening


A&D Medical UA-767S Blood Pressure Monitors

  • A&D Medical's most popular blood pressure monitor
  • Percentage IHB Indicator to show frequency of Irregular Heartbeat
  • Cuff Fit Error Indicator
  • Movement Error Indicator
  • WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
  • 60-memory + Average Reading
  • Ideal for home and family use

UA-767 Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Options:

Please select cuff type from below

  • Latex-free and metal-free standard cuff: 22-32cm (UA-767S)
  • Latex-free wide range cuff: 22-42cm (UA-767S-W )
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Additional Information -

A&D Blood Pressure Monitor Features (UA-767S):

  • The frequency of Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) detection is divided into different grades and shown by icons

IHB % Grade

0 - 24%

25 - 49%

50 - 74%

75 - 100%

No Indication

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

  • You can see how often IHB has been detected (indicating the level of risk).
  • If the grade is high, you should consult a doctor immediately
  • This %IHB function is not to be used for diagnosis, but for monitoring purposes only


Product Codes -

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ManufacturerA&D Medical
Medicinal ProductNo
Associated ProductsUA-767S / UA-767S-W