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Tubular Elastic Support Bandage

  • Compression of many parts of the body in support therapy and rehabilitation
  • Suitable for sports as provides effective support for strains and sprains, oedema and joint effusions
  • Tubular, seamless, no need to use pins or tape
  • Permanent compression
  • Non-sterile

Limb Size Child Small Medium Large Extra Large
Wrist/Elbow A B C D
Ankle A C D E
Knee D E F
Thigh E F G
Trunk J K L M
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4214-001 10m x 4,20cm A
4214-002 10m x 6,25cm B
4214-003 10m x 6,75cm C
4214-004 10m x 7,50cm D
4214-005 10m x 8,75cm E
4214-006 10m x 10cm F
4214-007 10m x 12cm G
4214-008 10m x 17,50cm J

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Medicinal ProductNo
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4214-005 / 4214-006 / 4214-007 / 4214-008