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Throw and Tell "Activity Ball"

  • Stimulating interaction with someone with dementia is challenging
  • More so when the caregiver lacks knowledge about the person
  • The "Throw and Tell" Ball transforms this role into an enjoyable and fruitful activity
  • Breaks the ice in one-to-one or group activities
  • Filled with questions about likes, dislikes, and everyday experiences
  • Everyone can participate with answers
  • Soft lightweight synthetic filling in the ball
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How it Works:

  • Catch the ball and answer a question using your thumbs
  • Questions carefully chosen for personal relevance (e.g., favorite biscuit, childhood experiences)
  • Acts as a key to unlock memories and trigger detailed discussions



  • Encourages discussion of familiar, comfortable, unique information
  • Allows expression of meaningful preferences in a no-pressure setting
  • Promotes unchallenging interaction
  • Enhances physical movement and hand-eye coordination
  • Provides valuable information for caregivers to improve well-being



  • Size: 6” / 150mm diameter
  • Weight: 132g
  • VAT Relief Eligible: No



  • "Went down well with staff and residents."
  • Sparked good conversations, easy for everyone to join in.
  • Laughter generated; used successfully at a conference.
  • Revealed valuable personal details for inclusion in care plans.

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