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TANITA 270kg Body Composition Analyser

  • The MC-780MA P multi frequency segmental body composition monitor provides an instant analysis of the health and fitness of your clients. Additionally, the MC-780MA P monitors the progress over time. The user-friendly monitor is designed as an interactive device, allowing clients to easily perform measurements themselves, without specialist assistance. This makes the monitor very suitable for use in gyms, although the medically certified MC-780MA P is very widely applicable within various medical specialties. It is not a coincidence that the MC-780MA P is our most sold professional model.
  • A full segmental body composition analysis is carried out within 20 seconds and is easy to read on the dual display. The results are automatically saved on an SD card or transferred to a printer, for further consultation. All user data can be stored and used for detailed trend analysis using TANITA PRO Software.
  • The screen is easy to rotate, so you can also take confidential measurements. With the goal setter, you can set personal goals together to increase motivation and monitor the progress of a weight or fitness programme.
  • This professional segmental body composition monitor is also available as MC-780MA S. The difference between this monitor and the MC-780MA P is the presence of the column.
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Additional Information -

MC-780MA Plus Clinical Application

Oncology COPD Paediatrics
Diabetes Occupational Health Geriatrics / Active aging
Cystic Fibrosis Bariatrics Physiotherapy
Weight Management General practice
Renal Pharmacy

Total Body Measurements*

Body mass Index (BMI)
Body Fat (Kg)
Body Fat (%)
Visceral Fat Indicator
Fat Mass
Fat Free Mass
Muscle Mass
Protein (Kg)
Total Body Water (Kg)
Total Body Water (%)
Extra-Cellular Water (Kg)
Intra-Cellular Water (Kg)
Basal Metabolic Rate
Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator
Bone Mineral Mass Indicator
Metabolic age
Physique Rating
Phase angle
Sarcopenia Index

Segmental Measurements

Segmental Body Fat (%)
Segmental Body Fat (Kg)
Segmental Fat Distribution Rating
Segmental Muscle Mass (Kg)
Segmental Muscle Mass Rating
Segmental Muscle Mass Balance
Segmental Leg Muscle Score
Segmental Reactance/Resistance
Segmental Phase Angle

Level of Compliance

Accuracy grade: NAWI Class III
Medical Device Classification: MDD Class II-a

* Display of measurements may vary per product type. Printer, TANITA PRO software or TANITA PRO app may be required.


Product weight 15,5 kg
Maximum weight capacity 270 kg
Warranty 5 years
Product dimensions (mm) 360x360x1165
Amount of languages printout 5
Number of frequencies 3
Number of Electrodes 8
Accuracy (g) 100
Power supply AC
Place of Manufacture Japan
Testing time (sec) 20
Power source 240V
Operating system Windows® OS


APP connected
Age range 5 - 99**
Optional Height Meter -
Portable -
LCD Touchscreen -

Information Output

Software ***
Build-in thermal printer -
Optional thermal printer -
Compatible with printer

** Selected measurements available for age group 5 - 18 years

*** TANITA PRO Software only works with WindowsOS

Product Codes -

More Information
Medicinal ProductNo