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Johnson Diversey

CASE Soft Care Des E - 71.58% Alcohol Hand Foam Sanitiser 1.3L (4)

  • Soft Care Des E Foam is an alcohol based (71.58%) foaming hand disinfectant for waterless skin disinfection
  • Soft Care Des E Foam is suitable for use in all areas, including healthcare and food processing environments


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Additional Information -

Key properties

  • Soft Care Des E Foam contains 71.58% alcohol (68% ethanol)
  • Soft Care Des E Foam is effective against pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA, yeasts and all enveloped viruses such as influenza. It is also effective against some nonenveloped viruses such as Norovirus and Adenovirus
  • Soft Care Des E Foam contains glycerol, a moisturizing agent that helps reduce skin dryness, so skin stays smooth and intact. This is particularly relevant in areas where frequent hand disinfection is required • Soft Care Des E Foam has an aerated texture that is easily absorbed and quick drying
  • Soft Care Des E Foam has been dermatologically tested for superior skin compatibility (Patch test).



  • Contains ethanol, a highly effective disinfectant
  • Fragrance and colour-free; suitable for use in the food processing industry
  • Its foam texture eases product application and prevents spillages
  • Contains an effective moisturiser preventing skin irritation and dehydration


Use instructions

  • Apply up to 5 ml of Soft Care Des E Foam to clean, dry hands
  • Apply enough to keep the hands wet for 30 seconds. Rub hands thoroughly
  • Pay special attention to fingertips, nails and between the fingers


Technical data

  • Appearance: Clear, colourless foam pH: 7
  • Relative density [20°C]: 0.86 40

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