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Sleep-knit Poylester Top Sheet Single Bed - Cream

  • Sleep Knit remains crease free and helps to reduce shear and friction, improving resident comfort
  • Sleep Knit is flame retardant to European Standard EN ISO 1 2952
  • The product is latex free and contains no elastic
  • An innovation in textile design and processing that is revolutionizing healthcare bedding
  • Sleep knit is a knitted-fitted bedding system that uses specially constructed four-way stretch polyester fabric, combined with a patented bottom sheet design, to produce great results for residents, staff, and the laundry
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  • SleepKnit top sheets have two fitted corners at the base with extra fabric on the width to create the unique toe pleat, assisting in the prevention of pressure sores by increasing space for feet while giving excellent comfort and warmth.
  • The two fitted corners of the sheet mean that the sheet can be used for both an open and a closed bed.
  • Flame Retardant to European Standard EN ISO 12952


Semi Fitted = 2 Options for use

  • Open Fit: The top sheet can also be left open by folding the sheet back on itself at the bottom of the bed, leaving the sheet totally open with easy access to the feet for the staff (e.g., in podiatry or orthopedics or surgery units and in longer-term facilities, particularly for patients with dementia).
  • Tucked in for a closed bed: The top sheet can be tucked in for patients who prefer it that way or staff wish to make the bed by neatly tucking in. The sheet has extra fabric at the bottom which acts as a "toe pleat" giving plenty of room for the feet to move around even when tucked in.

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