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SECA 416 Infantometer

  • Sturdy construction and stability makes it quick and easy to measure babies and toddlers up to two years old
  • Generously designed with raised and softly rounded sides guide the baby safely into the right position
  • Permanently mounted with rollers on two guide rails, the foot piece slides smoothly along the scale
  • Lockable foot piece allows baby to be removed and result noted later
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  • Robust, extra large construction for precise measuring
  • Automatically correct lying position due to trough-shaped lying area
  • Scale printed along top side for easy reading
  • Space-saving

Technical Data

Measuring range in cm: 33 - 100 cm
Measuring range in inch: 13 -39 "
Graduation [Measuring Rod]: 1 mm / 1/16 inch
Measure (W x H x D): 1103 x 169 x 402 mm , 43,4 x 6,7 x 15,8 inch
Net weight: 3,8 kg , 8,3 lbs
Functions and Properties: Lying measurement
CE: CE 0123

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