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SAFETY Scalp Vein Infusion Sets Light Blue 23g x 19mm (100)

  • Scalp vein set is designed to provide rapid venous access with greater patient comfort during infusion
  • 100 per box
  • Short bevelled siliconised needle facilitates atraumatic cannulation
  • Thin wall needle provides better flow rate per gauge, as in the same cannula more circumference is available for better flow of fluid
  • Butterfly shaped wings facilitate easy handling and attachment with the skin
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  • Butterfly needles are colour coded for instant identification of needle size
  • Butterfly is connected to soft non toxic, non-irrritant, medical grade tube, which does not kink
  • Length tube 30 cm
  • Sizes available include:
19g x 3/4" - White [Code: 23766] 20g x 3/4" - Yellow [Code: 23767]
21g x 3/4" - Green [Code:23768] Safety Version 21g x 3/4" - Green [Code: 23774]
22g x 3/4" - Black [Code: 23769] 23g x 3/4" - Light Blue [Code: 23770]
Safety Version 23g x 3/4" - Light Blue [Code: 23776] 25g x 3/4" - Orange [Code: 23771]

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