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Ramblegard Wireless Seatgard Mat Only - Code: R09-0018

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Quick Overview

Chair Exit Sensor

  • This chair sensor pad works with Ramblegard Wireless Monitors and Wireless Jack
  • Will trigger an alarm when someone releases pressure by exiting the chair 
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Ramblegard Wireless Seatgard Mat Only

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  • Ramblegard Wireless Seatgard Mat Only
  • Details

    The Seatgard is a flexible sensor pad for use on static chairs and wheelchairs and can be carefully positioned to provide the earliest possible warning that chair exit is imminent. Two examples of how a wireless Seatgard can be used for different exit patterns is below:

    Ramblegard Seatgard

    “Resident A” slides forward out of the chair and tends to slump to the floor. An ideal pad placement would be right at the very back of the seat cushion so that the staff are alerted to this exit, whilst the resident is still in the chair, and the intervention can be to assist them back into the chair rather than a floor rescue.

    “Resident B” tends to lean forwards from the chair, when agitated, usually attempting to stand up. Often this results in injury, as they fall head first onto the floor. An ideal pad placement would be behind the shoulders, alerting staff of the exit attempt. Intervention can be to reassure and settle them back into the chair, rather than a floor rescue.

    Staff who know the resident best can use their knowledge of typical exit patterns, to provide intelligent chair placement. 


    • Triggers alarm when pressure is released
    • Durable and long-lasting 
    • Care instructions printed on pad
    • Versatile and economical 
    • 1 year guarantee
    Works in conjunction with:
    • RG2 - Ramblegard Companion Monitor
    • RG9 - Ramblegard Transmitter 

    Technical Specifications

    • Cable: for 433MHz Cordless transmitter 
    • Material: PVC & PET 
    • Dimensions (LxWxD): 38 x 25cm 
    • Net Weight: 100g 
    • Operating temp.: 5°C to 40°C 
    • Operating weight: 10 - 200 kg 
    • Recommended Cleaning: 1:100 solution of household bleach (5.25-6.15% sodium hypo-chlorite)
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