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QuickFix Plaster Dispenser

  • QuickFix lockable plaster dispenser provides immediate access to plasters
  • Can be used with one hand
  • Can be filled with different types of plasters according to your needs
  • Easy to see when its empty
  • Easy to stop the bleeding, also without staining the other plasters with blood
  • Small dimensions make it easy to install
  • Contains a shelf for storing relevant small things
  • Along with the QuickFix plaster dispenser you will receive two refill packagings, wall mounting kit and a key for use in pilfer proof mode
  • Each plaster is packed individually
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  • QuickFix will simplify first aid at your workplace, and make it easy to access and quick to apply
  • The QuickFix dispenser is only 23.25cm (w) x 13.34cm (h) x 3.3cm (d)
  • Each dispenser contains 90 plasters despite compact size


  • High standard of hygiene through single unit enveloped plasters 
  • Easy one‐hand‐operation 
  • Flexible – the QuickFix dispenser can be loaded with different kinds of plasters 
  • Wide field of application – can be used everywhere 
  • Pilfer proof ‐ meaning lower costs and less consumption
  • System includes wall mounting kit and key


  • QuickFix Dispensers with 2 Elastic Fabric Refills
  • - Elastic plasters, conforming to the movements of the skin and therefore very comfortable to wear
  • - The plasters allow the skin to breathe
  • QuickFix Dispensers with 2 Detectable Resistant Plasters
  • - Detectable blue plasters with a built-in metal surface
  • - Traceable with the use of a metal detector
  • - The plasters are produced in water resistant PE material, which allows the skin to breathe

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