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Plicometro - Skinfold Caliper

  • High precision instrument that measures skinfold thickness
  • Accurately determines subcutaneous tissues of the patient
  • Springs exert a pressure of 10 g/ mm2 on the skinfold and has an accurate scale which measures thickness in mm
  • Possibility of re-calibration eliminating problems associated with traditional skinfold calipers where reduction in spring tension can occur
  • Special nylon finish makes the device comfortable for patient
  • Supplied with informative booklets showing advised positions for measurements and recommended % of body fat
  • Easy to use and interpret
  • Made from metal and sold in an attractive wooden box
  • Choose between either a mechanical or digital model
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Mechanical - 27320

  • Measuring range 0-40 mm
  • Double reading scale (inches and centimeters)

Digital - 27346

  • Complete with PC cable for data transfer (USB)
  • Measuring range 0-12 mm
  • Digital display
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 and XP, does not work with Windows 98
  • Battery operated

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Medicinal ProductNo
Associated Products27320 / 27346