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Morgan Lens Delivery System

  • Help save sight with the Morgan Lens Delivery System
  • Delivers immediate continuous irrigation to injured eyes
  • Saves time, by freeing up hands to attend other injuries
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The Morgan Lens Delivery Set (Code: MT202)
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 Morgan Lens Delivery Set

  • The Morgan Lens Delivery Set consists of specialized I.V. tubing that can be attached to two Morgan Lenses, conveniently providing simultaneous irrigation of both eyes
  • Use of the Delivery Set saves time and money since you do not need to use two separate I.V. setups
  • Rate of flow may be controlled, and irrigation to just one eye is possible since the necessary clamps are included
  • Ocular injuries often will be bilateral, but a pain to one eye may mask pain to other, or nerve damage may have occurred, creating an analgesic effect (especially with alkali burns)
  • Unless the other eye is completely comfortable and to pathology discovered, immediate irrigation should be started in both eyes

Morgan Lens

  • The Morgan Lens is the most effective method for treating ocular trauma
  • Widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation
  • In seconds, the eye can be receiving the lavage necessary to treat chemical and thermal burns or to remove non-embedded foreign materials in the eye
  • Morgan Lens is designed to be attached to the Morgan Lens Delivery Set (or a standard IV giving set) and an irrigation solution of choice
  • A patient may then be comfortably transported while one or both eyes receive the most complete and comfortable ocular irrigation possible
  • A "hands-free" method of irrigation, medical personnel are free to concentrate on other injuries or other patients

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