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Model of Female Breast

  • Demonstrates the differences between healthy and unhealthy breast tissue
  • Set includes right and left breast
  • Depicts common diseases like mastitis, fibrocystic breast condition, and malignant tumors
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Additional Information -

  • Ideal for teaching students about various diseases
  • Also useful for teaching patients about breast awareness
  • Soft, high quality materia, realistically simulates correct anatomy of female breast
  • Both models are held together with magnets for easier demonstration

Lactating right breast:

  • Medially divided into 2 halves
  • Healthy lactating breath tissue on the cut surface of the external half
  • Breast gland inflammation (mastitis) on the cut surface of the inner half

Non-lactating left breast:

  • 2 sagittal cuts, can be separated into 3 parts
  • Healthy anatomical structures on the sectional plane of the external half
  • Skin on the external half is windowed to view the regional lymph nodes
  • Cysts and fibroadenoma on the external sectional plane of the middle breast cut
  • Pathological proliferation of the breast connective tissue (fibrocystic breast disease) on the inner sectional plane of the middle breast cut
  • Malignant tumors on the sectional plane of the inner breast cut

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