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MESI mTablet ECG System Docking and Charging Station

  • Wireless, digital 12-lead ECG measurement
  • Sharing results for an immediate second opinion
  • Advanced analysis options with MESI mRECORDS
  • Glasgow Interpretation Algorithm included
  • ECG signal filters (MESI signal enhancement, high-pass, low-pass, mains, myogram)
  • 8 advanced view options
  • Simple zoom-in, comment adding and advanced analysis with event tagging
  • Recording speed and sensitivity settings
  • Customisable printout directly from the MESI mTABLET
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Additional Information -

What is in the package?

  • MESI mTablet
  • - Medical grade tablet computer is the heart of MESI diagnostic System
  • - Perform measurements, review results and manage patient data in one device
  • Docking Station
  • - Provides a wireless access point and secure storage while recharging batteries
  • 12-Lead Resting ECG
  • - Portable ECG modukes for screening cardiac abnormalities with integrated Glasgow algorithms for automatic interpretation
  • Charging Station
  • - The charging station insures quick charging of MESI diagnostic modules while the modules are securely stored away when not in user

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