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M55C PHYSIKO Plus Physical Assessment Simulator

  • A very useful educational product for acquiring basic physical assessment skills, already certified with a CE certificate
  • Twelve preset patient scenarios covering typical complaints, along with nine sets of "learning-to-listen" modules for deliberate practice in recognizing and interpreting clinical findings
  • Users can create new simulated patients by selecting from the built-in options
  • Physiko facilitates individual assessment skills training
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Training skills / Applications Pupillary reflex / Blood pressure / Auscultation of lung sounds / Auscultation of heart sounds / Auscultation of bowel sounds / ECG simulation
Case / Pathology Myocardial Infarction / Dissectinc Aortic Aneurysm / Lung Infarction / Intercostal Muscle Ache / Ileus / Diarrhea / Brain Hypertension / Pneumonia / Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease / Pulmonic Fibrosis / Heart Failure / Anemia
Set includes 1 manikin / 1 terminal box / 1 laptop PC / 1 sphygmomanometer unit / 1 set of clothes / 1 wired microphone / 1 foot switch for ECG / Instruction manuals
Height (approx.) 155cm/61inch
Packing size (approx.) W176x D53 x H53cm / W69.3 x D20.9 x H20.9in,W49x D45 x H30cm / W19.3 x D17.7 x H11.8in
Weight (approx.) 24kg/53lbs
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power requirements (approx.) 70W
Materials Soft resin / Hard resin / Latex free

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