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LifeVac Anti-Choking Kits


LifeVac®: Registered and regulated Airway Clearance Device®

  • The LifeVac EMS Kit is perfect for first responders, first aid training companies and EMS
  • Essential for family emergency protection
  • Choking can be fatal in 10 minutes; LifeVac provides 24/7 safeguard
  • Anti-Choking Home Kit ideal for home use, easily stored
  • Colored identifiers on masks for easy selection
  • Free access to LifeVac video training via QR code
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  • LifeVac® is a class 1 medical device
  • Registered and regulated by FDA, MHRA, TGA, CE, and more
  • Governing bodies dictate public domain usage
  • Advisory bodies like resuscitation councils lack authority beyond first aid guidelines


How to Use LifeVac

  • Apply LifeVac mask on the bridge of the nose and between the bottom lip and chin
  • For BLS choking protocol failure in different positions:
    • Examine and assess choking type and severity
    • Insert and twist the mask into LifeVac base
    • Hold the mask firmly in place with less dominant hand
    • Tilt the head back
    • Use dominant hand on LifeVac handle, depress, and pull swiftly
  • Quick pull is crucial for effective use
  • LifeVac: a life-saving solution when other methods fail


LifeVac Anti-Choking Home Kit includes:

  • LifeVac Instruction Booklet – The instruction booklet details how to use LifeVac, and which coloured ring identifies the size of the mask.
  • LifeVac Unit.
  • 1 Paediatric Mask.
  • 1 Small Child/Adult Mask.
  • 1 Medium Adult (test) Mask.
  • 1 Large Adult Mask.
  • 1 Window/Door Sticker – The sticker is so you can advise customers and the people you care for that a LifeVac is on site.
  •  Feedback Form – The Feedback Form is to be filled out once your LifeVac is used to help us raise awareness and improve our service.


LifeVac Anti-Choking Travel Kit includes:

  • LifeVac Instruction Booklet: Provides usage details and mask size identification
  • LifeVac Unit
  • 1 Pediatric Mask
  • 1 Small Child/Adult Mask
  • 1 Medium Adult (test) Mask
  • 1 Large Adult Mask
  • 1 Window/Door Sticker: Alerts others to the presence of LifeVac on site
  • Feedback Form: Fill out after use to contribute to awareness and service improvement


LifeVac Wall Mounted Kit includes:

  • LifeVac Unit
  • Instruction Booklet
  • A3 Laminated BLS Poster
  • 1 Pediatric Mask
  • 1 Small Child/Adult Mask
  • 2 Medium Adult (1 test) masks
  • 1 Large Adult Mask
  • Feedback form
  • Window/door sticker


LifeVac Anti-Choking EMS Kit includes:

  • LifeVac Unit
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 1 extra-large mask
  • 1 large mask
  • 2 medium masks (one being a test mask)
  • 1 small mask
  • 1 pediatric mas
  • Free access to LifeVac video training via an easy to scan QR code

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