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Single Use Pelican Uterine Sound (100)

  • The Pelican Uterine Sound is carefully designed to be easily inserted and to gauge uterine depth
  • The rounded end ensures a gentle introduction of the device through the cervical ‘os’ into the uterine cavity.
  • 1cm indicators allow immediate visual confirmation of uterine depth
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  • The Pelican uterine sound is specifically shaped to aid insertion 
  • A slender flexible gauge with indicators which denote uterine depth prior to insertion of an intra-uterine device 
  • Notches allow measurement of the uterine depth 
  • White in colour to aid visualising the depth 
  • Mirrors the metal equivalent in design for ease of use 
  • Increased patient comfort due to design 
  • Unique product identification for traceability
  • 100 per pack

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