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Fire Blankets

  • Versatile Protection: Essential for home and workplace
  • Kitchen Safety: Ideal for high-risk kitchen areas
  • Effective on Small Fires: Swift containment of frying pan or waste bin fires
  • Air Exclusion Technology: Extinguishes fires by excluding air
  • Personal Safety: Can smother fires on a person
  • Wide Applicability: Suitable for rented accommodations, mobile homes, vehicles, and boat
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  • Fire blanket for kitchen fires such as cooking oil but also ideal for use on waste bin fires and clothing fires
  • Soft Pouch Cover and easy cleaning
  • Non Flammable Woven Glass Fibre
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Certified to BS EN 1869:1997

For Clothing Fires

  • Follow 'Stop, Drop, and Roll
  • Wrap the person in a blanket before rolling

For Kitchen Fires

  • Grab blanket with both hands, tucking around exposed skin for protection
  • Carefully drape fire blanket over fire completely
  • Switch off heat 
  • Leave covered until cool

* Once used you must dispose fire blanket and replace with a new one

** Please note a fire blanket is a legal requirement in all rental properties.

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