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Bastos Viegas

Elasticated Viscose Stockinette

  • Tubular bandage with light compression
  • Each bandage size can be easily identified by a coloured line
  • Individually packaged
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  • Can be used as a dressing retention, without constriction or compression to skin, on any part of the body
  • Can also be used for patch wrapping and as an under cast stockinette
  • Due to its manufacture techniques allows air to circulate between the threads, helping to avoid maceration
  • Slightly elastic material allows complete freedom of movement


Code Description Size Colour
4215-100 Medium limbs 10m x 5cm Green
4215-101 Large limbs 10m x 7.5cm Blue
4215-102 Large limbs, head and small trunks 10m x 10.75cm Yellow
4215-104 Small limbs 10m x 3.5cm Red
4215-103 Trunks 10m x 17.5cm Beige
4215-132 Large limbs (2-Way Elastic) 10m x 7.5cm Blue

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Medicinal ProductNo
Associated Products4215-100 / 4215-101 / 4215-102 / 4215-103 /
4215-104 / 4215-132


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