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CoaguChek XS PT Test Strips

  • Self-test your blood coagulation with CoaguChek XS PT Test Strips
  • Gives accurate anticoagulation results in less than a minute
  • Test strips provide single channel control and minimal wastage 
  • To be used with the CoaguChek XS Plus System
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CoaguChek XS Test Strips    

  • ISI Approx: 1.0  
  • Sensitivity to heparin: Not at therapeutic levels, up to 0.8 I.U/ml for UFH and to 2 anti-Xa.U/ml for LMWH  
  • Quality control: On each strip, through the same channel as the blood passes  
  • Stability 21 months from production (+ 2° C to + 30° C)

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