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CPR / Defibrillator Trainer

  • Contents
  • - Full-size realistic adult male head and upper body
  • - Handheld controller with 15 ft cable
  • - Carrying bag
  • - Operating guide
  • Features
  • - Intubatable airway with tongue, vocal cords, and trachea
  • - Allows students to experience the correct force needed to perform proper chest compressions
  • - Anatomically correct landmarks for proper hand placement
  • - Real AED pads can be apied directly to the conductive skin
  • -  AED will display the simulator’s ECG
  • - Automatic pulses and breathing with realistic chest rise
  • Alternative Energy
  • - Electronics powered through chest compressions (Only 30 compressions 
  • - Simulator remains charged during training 
  • - Energy storage device capable of 500,000 cycles
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During Training

For student:

  • Coach mode: audible tones guide chest compressions 
  • Test mode: no guidance provided during test

For instructor

  • Screen on handheld controller provides compression depth and ventilation volume in easy to interpret bar graph format
  • Screen prompts instructor when student must compress “faster” or “slower”, “softer or harder”.
  • Instructor can view real-time compression rate
  • Screen reports defibrillation energy

After Training

Instructor views student’s performance including:

  • Average compression rate per minute
  • Percent compressions in proper rate range
  • Average compression depth
  • Percent compressions in proper depth range
  • Percent ventilations in proper ventilation volume range
  • Actual compression/ventilation (C/V) ratio
  • Exercise duration
  • Idle time
  • Reporting metrics stored in the controller’s flash memory and can be transferred to a computer using the controller’s USB port


  • Adjust/change feedback and reporting metrics:
  • Proper C/V ratio • High and low compression rate limits
  • High and low compression depth limits (in inches or centimeters)
  • Proper ventilation volume
  • Manual cardioversion upon defibrillation
  • Program ECG rhythms; choose sinus, ventricular fibrillation, or asystole. Selected ECG rhythm will be seen on your real AED.
  • Activate automatic carotid pulse and/or breathing Items included

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