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Chlor Clean Tablets and Diluters

  • Chlor-Clean tablets have been designed to solve the problem of detergents preventing chlorine working properly
  • By creating a new surfactant that will work with the chlorine, the Chlor-Clean tablet, once dissolved in water, will give a solution that will both clean and disinfect at one and the same time. This not only reduces the time taken to perform the cleaning process but also improves the disinfection efficiency
  • Options:
  • - Tub with 100 tablets
  • - Tub with 200 tablets
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Chlor Clean Tablets (100) [Code: H8950/N]
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Chlor Clean Tablets (200) [Code: H8950/J]
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Chlor Clean Diluter - 2 Litre Diluter
Chlor Clean Diluter - 5 Litre Diluter
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Additional Information -

Chlor Clean Tablets are proven against M.R.S.A, Staphylococci Pseudomonas, Coliforms V.R.E and other Enterococci Acinetobacter spp Clostrifium Difficile (including spores)

Chlor Clean Diluters

- For mixing and ensuring the correct strength solution

  • Options:
  • - 2 Litre
  • - 5 Litre

Chlor Clean Wipes - Dual Use

  • Chlor-Clean wipe has all the advantages of the Chlor-Clean solution (using NaDCC) in a convenient wipe form
  • Chlor-Clean wipes can be used both for blood & blood-stained body fluid spills as well as general environmental disinfection
  • Placing the wipe directly onto a spill (up to 30ml) will both absorb the moisture and disinfect with 10,000 ppm strength available chlorine
  • This makes Chlor-Clean wipes the first wipe product to comply with DoH guidance for dealing with blood and blood-stained body fluid spills
  • Particularly helpful to busy ward staff for dealing with small spills and minor accidents
  • For general environmental disinfection, especially commodes and other items of patient associated equipment, the wipe can be wetted, the excess moisture squeezed out and then used as a normal Chlor-Clean solution to clean and disinfect surfaces