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BD Luer Slip 1ml Syringe (120)

  • Sterile, single use
  • Needles not included
  • Options
  • - 1ml Tuberculin /allergy precision sterile syringes 
  • - 1ml Luer Lok Syringe
  • - 3ml Luer Lok
  • CE Marked
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  • BD Plastipak 1ml Allergy Syringes (without needle) - 120 per box
  • - Single-Use with a concentric tip 
  • - Scale: Graduation 0.01ml
  • BD Plastipak 1ml Luer Lok - 100 per box
  • - Ideal for critical clinical applications where avoiding potential needle disengagement,  medication leakage, spray or tubing disconnect is crucial
  • - Unique integrated BD Luer-Lok™ tip syringe with clear polycarbonate barrel 
  • - Readily visible fluid level
  • BD Plastipak 3ml Luer Lock Syringe - 200 per box
  • - Single-use with a concentric tip
  • - Scale: Graduation 0.1ml

Luer Slip and Luer Lok Syringes:

A Luer Slip Syringe permits needle fixation onto the tip of the syringe by push slip. Luer Lok Syringe assures more secure needle fixation since needles are screwed on to the tip of the syringe.

Concentric and Eccentric Syringes:

Concentric and Eccentric refers to the location of the tip in relation to the body of the syringe. A Concentric syringe has the tip located centrally. An Eccentric syringe tip is offset towards the edge of the body.

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