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Actichlor Plus Tablets 1.7g (150)

  • Quantity - 1 (1.7g x 150 Tablets) 
  • For surface disinfection of blood spills, general clinical environment, instruments, sinks and drains, babies’ bottles, catering equipment 
  • Each Actichlor tablet contains Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC, troclosene sodium) in an inert effervescent base 
  • Disinfectant solutions made with Actichlor are effective against all bacteria, spores, yeasts, moulds and viruses including Hepatitis B and HIV 
  • Tested to EN1276, EN1650 and EN13704
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  • Other products available within the Actichlor Range include Actichlor Granules, Actichlor Spill Kits, Spill Kit Refills pack & Actichlor Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 
  • Data Sheet available for download