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3m Teagaderm Transparent Film Dressing 10 x 25cm (20)

  • Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing are available in a wide range of sizes and provide a barrier to bacteria and viruses and the original Tegaderm frame delivery system facilitates easy application and dressing placement
  • Tegaderm dressings are flexible and conformable
  • Sizes suffixed ‘W’ have the central cut-out window already removed to speed the application process. In addition, these sizes (excluding 1622W) include a sterile adhesive label to be used as an aid for documenting dressing change
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  • Order Options Available:
Cat No Size    Items Per Box   
    1622W           4.4 x 4.4cm    100
1624W 6 x 7cm 100
1626W 10 x 12cm 50
1627 10 x 25cm 20
1628 15 x 20cm 10
1629 20 x 30cm 10

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