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3M Comply Instrument Protectors (100)

  • Holds instruments during sterilization
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  • Protects sharp surgical instruments from damage while holding them open for full sterilant contact
  • Rigid paperboard with clear 2 mil plastic pouches that hold instruments in an unlocked, open position so the sterilant can contact all surfaces during sterilization
  • Reduces the chance of peel-pouch puncture during sterilization
  • Dual chemical indicator bars are printed on paper for steam and EO sterilization monitoring
  • Steam chemical indicator turns from blue to gray/black and EO chemical indicator turns from yellow to rust/red
  • Protector is placed into a peel pouch
  • Chemical indicator is used for both exposure control monitoring (external chemical indicator) and pack control monitoring (internal chemical indicator)

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Medicinal ProductNo
Associated Products13911 / 13913 / 13915