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Rescue Manikin - Firefighter Combat Challenge - 145lbs / 66KG

  • Realistic 145lbs / 66KG weight for authentic training
  • Simulates various rescue scenarios, enhancing firefighter skills
  • Ideal for practicing confined space extrications
  • Enhances ladder carry-down protocols training
  • Suitable for training in smoky or low-visibility environments
  • Versatile tool for comprehensive firefighter combat challenges
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  • Realistic training experience for emergency response teams
  • Improved skills in handling complex rescue situations
  • Effective practice for critical scenarios, enhancing preparedness
  • Durable construction for repeated training sessions
  • A perfect aid in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers
  • The manikin features articulated joints and realistic weight distribution
  • Made from durable plastic with strong plastic-coated cables
  • Especially suitable for Military, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Safety Team and Emergency Personnel
  • This manikin is not fire-resistant and is not for water rescue

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