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KSP-1000 PC Spirometer System

  • Innovative PC Spirometer System now also for mobile use
  • PC Spirometer for Pulmonary Function Testing, COPD and Asthma
  • Sturdy design 
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Automatic internal calibration 
  • Uses affordable standard bacteria filters or mouthpieces
  • Measurement of all standard parameters
  • European quality standard
  • No moving parts, automatic internal calibration
  • Measurement of all standard pulmonary function parameters
  • Report generator for clear printouts
  • Monthly Rental Available 
  • - Rent for only €49.00 ex vat per month. Call 01 835 2411 for more details.
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KSP-1000 PC Spirometer System 

  • Can be easily installed on any Windows office network, can be connected to a PC via a conventional USB cable as well as via Bluetooth
  • Patient database and interfaces, e.g. DDT / HL7 are easily integrated into existing network environments
  • Offers various modes of measurement such as forced expiration and inspiration, measurement of the static vital capacity as well as maximum respiratory threshold values
  • Patient data and spirometer recordings are automatically stored centrally and can be displayed at any time on any PC within the in-house network and printed on any conventional printer
  • The securely integrated measurement tube can be disinfected using a cold disinfection agent
  • Also allows for the use of conventional cardboard or plastic mouthpieces
Standard Accessories
  • Software
  • Carrying bag
  • Nose Clip 
  • Bacteriological Filter Mouthpiece
  • Manual
Technical Information
  • Flow meter: wavefront principle (ultrasound)
  • Tolerance: +/- 3%
  • Resolution: 8 mL/s
  • Flow range: +/- 18L/s
  • Digital sampling rate: 100 MHz
  • Power supply: USB / internal battery for Bluetooth
  • Forced expiration and inspiration: FVC, FEV1, FEV0, 5, FEV3, PIF and many others
  • Inspiratory vital capacity: VC, IVC, ERV, TV and many others
  • Respiratory threshold: MVV
  • PC operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7
  • Necessary interface: USB / Bluetooth
  • Animated sequences for children: Candles/curtain 
  • Dimensions: 150 x 60 x 27 mm
  • Weight:
  • - USB: 100 g / Bluetooth 200g
  • Made in Germany

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