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Hausted Video - Fluoroscopy Chair

  • Hausted Video Imaging Chair - Fluoroscopy Chair
  • A perfect solution when performing Modified Barium Swallow Examination
  • The Video Imaging Chair is specially designed for safe patient transport whilst undergoing Fluoroscopic Examination
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Operational Benefits

  • Specially Design of Back Section accommodates the limited space available when using Fluoroscopic Equipment
  • Radiolucent Back Section provides a clear unobstructed Radiological Image
  • Back Section Transport Attachment - Quick and Easy Removal
  • Full Range Patient Positioning is achieved using the Backrest and Leg Sections, adjust from 90o Upright to Full Supine, and 10o Trendelenburg
  • The Rotating Seat Section enables quick repositioning from AP to Lateral Imaging View
  • Stainless Steel Base Cover - Seamless and Easy Clean
  • Four Wheel Brake & Steer System provides Triple Mode Operation: Steer / Neutral / Brake
Patient Outcome & Safety Benefits
  • VIC can raise in the supine position to safely transfer a patient from Stretcher or Bed to Chair
  • Reduced risk of injury to transporting personnel
  • High-density, non-conductive vinyl-covered foam chair pads support the patient comfortably. Padded Arm Rests for comfort
  • Pneumatic Assisted Backrest Lever adjusts both sides of the chair from supine to 90 degrees for patient comfort and procedure positioning. An additional lever controls a 10 degree Trendelenburg
  • Leg Section and Fold-Down Footrest adjust, maximising Lower Body Comfort and Stability
  • Seat Cushion Width 56 cm
  • Overall Length (Supine) 195 cm
  • Overall Length (Upright) 106 cm
  • Height Adjustment 60 - 80 cm
  • Wheel Base 63 x 57 cm
  • Pneumatic-Assist Back-rest 0 - 90°
  • Trendelenburg 10°
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 147.5 kg

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