Disposable Long Sleeve Waterproof CPE Gowns with Thumb Hole (100 Individually Wrapped)

  • Disposable CPE Aprons (100)
  •  Material: Chlorinated polyethylene 
  • Colour: Light Blue 
  • Size: Length 120 cm x width 200cm
  • Style and design:
  • - Thumb hole
  • - Ties at back
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    each and save 4%
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Additional Information +

  • CPE Aprons are made from waterproof and soft polyethylene material which is commonly used in clean & hygiene rules, food industry, factory, household, hotel etc.
  • Economical way to protect against water, dust particles and dirt in the work area. 
  • Features:
  • Economical waterproof treatment
  • Made of soft, comfortable , light, food safe material Resistance to dust particles, dirt and water Wide range of application 
  • Quality Standard *Production under ISO:9001:2008 CE category I 
  • PPE Directive 89/686/EEC
  • Suggested Application
  • General hygiene and cleaning rules
  • Food industry
  • Clean room 
  • Household, Hotel etc 
  • Storage Please stock the goods in dry environment and avoid direct sunlight
  • Please don’t stock the goods in hot environment to temperature above 40℃ and humid above 80%
  • To keep away from high frequency equipment
  • Generally the shelf life is 5 years

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