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BCG Wireless Technology

BCG Wireless Technology

COMING SOON - BCG (Ballistocardiography) Wireless Bed Sensor - Contactless Patient Monitoring

Introducing the SCA10H and SCA11H series, Ballistocardiography (BCG) sensors that are designed for continuous contact-less patient monitoring in elderly care centers, hospitals, or in the home. The sensors utilize BCG techniques and ultra-sensitive Murata MEMS accelerometers to provide vital sign information such as Heart Rate (HR), Heart Rate Variation (HRV), Relative Stroke Volume (SV), Respiration Rate (RR), and bed occupancy.

The new bed sensor technology is based on the Ballistocardiographic (BCG) principle. When the heart pumps blood there is a recoil effect to the opposite direction. This means that when e.g. lying on a bed, the entire bed will be subject to micro movements due to the blood flow. We use an ultra-sensitive Murata accelerometer to capture this signal. A microcontroller with a specially made algorithms are able to extract heart rate and many other vital signs from the signal.


  • Improved patient care, safety and efficiency of everyday care
  • Patient can be monitored continuously and not only during the visits
  • Enables fast and timely reaction to various events
  • Various alarms to caretakers:
  • - If person is away from bed for too long
  • - Heart rate/respiration rate too high or low
  • - Monitoring of various parameters and trends
  • - Weakening of physical condition
  • - Monitors sleep quality, stress etc.

BCG for Bed Occupancy, Fall Prevention and Sleep Quality Monitoring

  • BCG Sensor Output and Related Applications:
  • Collects instant data on a residents:
  • - Heart Rate
  • - Respiration rate
  • - Stroke volume
  • - Bed Status
  • - Heart Rate Variability
  • - Beat to Beat times
  • - Bed inclination data (optional with 2 axis version)

This allows caregiver to monitor patient efficiently and effectively through displays, alarms and reports. 

 BCG Benefits

  •  Enables long-term monitoring without disturbing the patient
  • - Wide range of use-cases/applications:  bed occupancy, vitals signs, sleep quality, stress and relaxation
  • - Easy to integrate into device or system (fast design-in time)
  • Ideal for use in care centers, hospitals, homes etc.

The BCG technology is available in 2 different formats/products:

The SCA11H-A01 solution includes the SCA10H module coupled with a Wi-Fi transceiver that is packaged in an IP55 rated waterproof enclosure. It is ideal for software solution providers and system integrators that want to focus on service creation, rather than design engineering. Further, it can operate in either a local mode or cloud environment.

The SCA10H-D01 is a solderable PCB module housing both the accelerometer and microcontroller with embedded algorithms. Given that, it is well suited for medical device and equipment manufacturers to incorporate into their own products, such as hospital beds. 

Both the SCA10H and SCA11H are intended for integration into a customer’s device or system.

 SCA11H Node  SCA10H Module
 BCG Wireless Monitoring  BCG Wireless Monitoring
  • A complete BCG-based sensing component that comprises the sensor, microcontroller and a Wi-Fi transceiver
  • Targeted for software solution- and service providers and OEM system integrators
  • Product Specification SCA11H

What is BCG?

BCG is a technique for measuring the repetitive motions of the human body arising from the sudden ejection of blood into heart vessels, as with each heartbeat, that results in a discernable vibration. The SCA10H/11H series detects this vibration by using a propriety coupling of low-noise MEMS accelerometers and advanced algorithms. The accelerometer captures the signal that is then passed to a microcontroller to extract vital sign information. In addition, the output information from the sensor can be aggregated for more complex measurements such as sleep quality, monitoring, stress measurements, and other health indicators.

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