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AT 500 Professional Alcohol Tester Easy Recalibration with Printer

  • Professional fuel cell sensor breath alcohol tester with printer and touch screen
  • - The fuel cell is a porous disk with a thin layer of platinum black on both faces and any alcohol that comes in contact with the cell's surface is broken down chemically
  • - For each molecule of alcohol that is broken down a given number of electrons are freed during the process
  • - The numbers of electrons generated are in proportion to the amount of alcohol
  • - Self recalibration: easy replacement of pre-calibrated module
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  • Display: colour 4.5" iPS LCD
  • Keyboard: Navigation key input with touch panel
  • Power Supply: rechargeable 3.7 V Li-ion battery
  • Warm up: chamber & Sensor warm up automatically
  • Auto flow monitoring: automatic flow detection
  • Operating environment: -20 to +45°C (optimal 5 to 40°C)
  • Data download: USB port
  • Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (can export files as Microsoft Excel documents directly)
  • Memories: 150,000 memories full test driver name, vehicle number, inspector name, test result with print date and time, location, calibration data, ...
  • Measurement precision:
  • Standard deviation ±0,025 mg/l or ±5% of the measurement
  • Drift: typically <0,8% of the measurement value/month
  • Calibration: by replacement of pre-calibrated sensor module
  • Unit setting: mg/L, mg/100 L, %BAC, ‰BAC

Standard Accessories

  • Integrated printer
  • 25 mouth pieces
  • 1 large mouth piece
  • Power supply 100-240 - 50/60 Hz
  • USB car adaptor
  • Wireless transmission module for FIT-133 printer
  • Carrying pouch
  • 4 rolls of paper
  • Charger
  • Manual

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