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Sanicloth Wipe Range

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  • Sanicloth - For the disinfection of general surfaces and medical devices
  • Options available include: 
  • - Sani-Cloth 70 (200 Wipes)
  • - Sani-Cloth 70 Disinfection Wipes (100 Sachets)
  • - Sani-Cloth Detergent 60 Count Flow Wraps
  • - Sani-Cloth 2 % CHG (100 Individual Sachets)
  • - Sani-Cloth Active (200 Wipes)
  • - Sani-Cloth Chlor Wipes (50 Wipes)
  • - Super Sani-Cloth Plus (200 Wipes)
  • - Sani-Cloth Detergent Wipes - (225 REFILL)
  • - Sani-Cloth Detergent 225 Count Bucket

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Price From: €5.45 Ex VAT

Sanicloth Wipe Range

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  • Details

    Sanicloth 70 Wipes
    • The Sanicloth 70 wipes are individually packed and pre dosed with 70% alcohol
    • The disinfectant wipe is recommended for non-invasive devices and non-porous surfaces with the product exceed European bactericidal standard - EN1276 with a fast initial kill of less than a minute 
    • Wipe size is W200mm x 128mm
    • 100 individually packed wipes per box
    Sanicloth Detergent Wipes
    • Sanicloth detergent wipes are a multi surface wipe impregnated with detergent
    • ideal for cleaning beds, mattresses and most other surface cleaning applications

    Sanicloth 2% CHG Wipes

    • Superior disinfection with only short surface contact time
    • Recommended by epic 2 and NICE guidelines for the disinfection of hubs and connection ports
    • Contains 2% CHG and 70% alcohol
    • Provides rapid antimicrobial action and excellent residual action
    • Sachets packed small for convenience, but the area of the wipe remains large
    • 100 individually packed sachets (150 x 162mm) per pack

    Sanicloth Active Wipes

    • Offers the following features:
    • Mechanical action along with surfactants aids the removal of soil and biofilm which enhances disinfection and provides a log reduction
    • Controlled dosage ensures disinfection for every use
    • Reduce wastage and risk of errors 
    • Extracted liquid proven effective against tested organisms 
    • No mixing, no measuring, saves valuable time and space
    • Sani-Cloth Active is an pre dosed alcohol-free disinfectant used on alcohol sensitive medical devices such as ultra-sound probes, incubators and plastic made devices 
    • The wipe offers a high level of disinfection but does not replace sterilisation when necessary 
    • 14 days residual action safely and effectively eliminates and inhibits the growth of micro-organisms (tested organism Staphylococcus aureus) 
    • 200 wipes per cannister

    Sanicloth Chlor Wipes

    • The Sanicloth Chlor +1000 ppm is recommended for use in dealing with the disinfection of spores 
    • Providing over 1000ppm of chlorine the wipe has a short contact time of just 30 seconds in clean conditions and 30 minutes in dirty conditions.
    • Sanicloth Chlor is suitable for use on most surfaces except soft metals, fabrics and lenses
    • Sanicloth Chlor is tested
    • - Tested (EPA protocols) using surface testing and found to be effective against 41 microbes
    • - Tested against the European Sporocide standrad EN13704 (B subtilis)
    • - Tested against the 3 stage protocol testing mechanical action, ability to transfer spores and the ability of the disinfectant to be sporocidal
    • Also available within Sanicloth Range - Sanicloth 70, Sanicloth Active, Super Sanicloth Plus 200, Sanicloth 2% CHG Individual Sachets & Sanicloth Detergent Wipes 
    • Data Sheet available for download

    Super Sanicloth Wipes

    • The Super Sanicloth Plus disinfectant wipe recommended for non-invasive medical devices and non-porous surfaces with 200 wipes per cannister
    • The product exceed European bactericidal standard - EN1276 with a fast initial kill of less than a minute and contains 70% alcohol and 1% quat based disinfectant 
    • The 1% quat boosts the microbial action of the liquid to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses
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