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Sigma F.O.Otoscope

  • SIGMA otoscopes are high-quality pocket diagnostic instruments designed for professional use in ENT 
  • Lightweight and manufactured from impact resistant re-enforced plastic
  • Supplied in deluxe rigid plastic cases
  • Ordering Options available
  1. 31525 - Sigma F.O. Otoscope 2.5 V
  2. 31526 - Sigma F.O. Otoscope - LED light 60.000 LUX - bulb estimated life 70.000 hours
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31526 Sigma F.O. Otoscope - Led light 60.000 LUX - bulb estimated life 70.000 hours

Manufactured with high quality materials and top-notch workmanship ensures excellent reliability in every examination. Battery life with Led bulb (31526) 6 time longer than with traditional bulb - Distal fiber optic illumination with super bright Xenon/Halogen light or LED light. - Swivel type window with 3X magnification lens for sharp images and minimal reflection - Insufflation port for pneumatic testing of tympanic mobility. Connector port (code 31532) and insufflation bulb (code 31500) should be ordered separately.

31527 Sigma F.O. Ophthalmoscope 2.5 V

Top quality ophthalmoscope with 5 different apertures for almost all ophthalmic examinations. High quality optics in mini format makes this instrument ideal for house calls and rounds. - Enhanced xenon/halogen super bright light - 5 different apertures Large spot: for normal fundoscopy Small spot: for reduced reflection with small pupils Semi circle: for reduced reflection with small pupils Fixation star: for determination of central or eccentric fixation, suitable for examining children Red-free filter: for contrast-enhancement when assessing fine vascular disorders - Range of lenses from -20 D to +20 D

• Accessories available include:

31530 Otoscope Bulb - xenon - halogen 2.5V

31532 Pneumatic Connector Port

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Associated Products31525 / 31526