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Replacement Glasses for Visor [Code BL-202006] (10)

  • The mask is made from APET,colorless and transparent, and can effectively protect face skin and eyes.
  • The mask features double-faced antifog, anti-static and can effectively prevent blurred vision caused by temperature difference and vapour, causing no irritation to eyes.
  • The mask is light, thin, comfortable to wear and non-weight bearing.
  • It can effectively avoid the harm caused by patients' blood, body fluid and toxic chemicals.
  • Dimensions: 0.3 x 330 x 240mm
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Additional Information -

Scope of Application

Good protection, comfortable wearing and easy to use.

  1. It can be applied to disease control and epidemic prevention department, dental department, department of stomatology, instrument cleaning department, decoration and clean-keeping department, chemical production and staff who need to protect eyes, face, mouth and nose.

  2. It can effectively prevent the injuries or cross-infection caused to face and eyes by splash, virus, dust, soot, chemical solution sputtering.

  3. It can effectively prevent the splash of contaminants on medical staff in the process clinical reception, treatment and examination. It can be widely used in medical disease control and health protection field to protect the operator's face.

Replacement options:

  • Replacement Glasses for Visor code BL-202006 (10)
  • - * Visor Required
  • Replacement Visor Sheets for Visor code BL-202006 (50)
  • - * Visors Sheet ONLY

Product Codes -

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