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Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Closer

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Quick Overview

  • Unique wireless fire alarm detectors for residential care homes, hotels etc  
  • Programmed to learn the sound of your fire alarm - device will not be activated by other loud noises
  • Automatically closes fire door in event of a fire
  • Daily time can be set for door to close, where it will stay released until another set time when it will reactivate
  • Can be used in either projecting or parallel arm mode to close the door in the event of a fire alarm sounding
  • Can be configured to latch at any open angle of between 65° and 105°
  • Improves access for occupants of any public building
  • Reduces the effects of door wear and tear, whilst protecting occupants in a fire emergency
  • Polished brass and black finish also available - Ideal for prestigious buildings
  • Easy installation in just 10 minutes - see Instruction Sheet and Video below

Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Closer

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  • Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Closer
  • Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Closer
  • Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Closer
  • Details

    Agrippa Acoustic Fire Door Closer Specifications

    • Batteries: 2x C size Alkaline Cells
    • Rated Voltage: 3.3V
    • Typical Battery Life: 12 Months +
    • Typical Battery Life: 65 dB
    • Latching Angle: 65°-105°
    • EN Power Size: 3
    • Action: Free Swing Only
    • Approved to EN1155 and EN1154
    • CE marked through the Construction Products Regulation
    • EMC approved
    • Daily timed release option

    Other Benefits

    • Helps a building comply with fire regulations and avoid penalties such as fines, imprisonment etc
    • Makes safer environments for all occupants
    • - prevents the spread of fire
    • - reduces injuries from fire doors
    • - provides independence for those with disabilities
    • - makes evacuations safer and quicker
    • Helps provide better ventilation
    • - by allowing fresh air into the building eliminating stuffy rooms
    • - giving a more relaxing atmosphere and a healthy environment
    •  Holds fire doors open safely and legally, which means
    • - easier access and freedom of movement
    • - a more open and welcoming environment
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